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Kat T.
Beautiful, and it's working!

I was so happy to mount my blue bee house on the pergola on my deck. It looks so good! Best of all, we put it up one evening and already by the next day there were bees checking it out and going in and out of the cavities. Now I'm thinking I need a whole set...

Thanks so much, Kat! You must have a great garden to get so much attention so quickly!

Heirloom Wild Bee Home – Scopa

I recently had the pleasure of acquiring the Heirloom bee home and from the moment I unboxed it, I could tell this was home was crafted with utmost care and attention to detail. When I showed friends and family, they could not believe the craftmanship that went into it. Even other woodworkers have been stunned and want to know the secrets that went into building this beautiful home.

This is a great product - the superior quality, thoughtful design and positive environmental impact make it a valuable addition to any garden or property. I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to support the essential work and lives of bees while adding some whimsy and beauty to their outdoor space.

Heirloom Wild Bee Home – Scopa

I recently purchased the Heirloom Wild Bee Home after struggling with a few bamboo ones and I must say that this bee home has exceeded all of my expectations. It is a beautiful addition to my garden, crafted with evident expertise and a keen eye for design. The instructions provided were clear and concise, making the setup seamless and hassle-free while providing invaluable information about the best placement and care for its inhabitants.

The bees have already begun taking a liking to it;Witnessing these industrious creatures buzzing around my garden, pollinating the flowers, and contributing to the overall ecological balance is truly rewarding. I am very excited to see my vegetables thrive thanks to the addition of the solitary bees to our yard this year.

Ryan and his wife have a wealth of knowledge about bee homes and their inhabitants. Whenever I had questions or concerns, they were prompt in their responses and provided valuable insights. Their passion for bees and dedication to promoting their well-”bee”ing shines through their work.

I wholeheartedly recommend this bee home. Its striking design, expert craftsmanship, and ease of use make it a top-notch choice for any nature enthusiast. Not only will it help to elevate your garden, but it will also play a vital role in supporting and preserving our precious pollinators. Thank you for creating such a remarkable product and for your exceptional customer service!

Heirloom Wild Bee Home – Scopa

We installed our bee house in the middle of one of our flower beds and it only took a few weeks for bees to find it and settle in.
The bee house is a true work of craftsmanship, it is a lovely addition to any garden.
Ryan is amazingly knowledgeable about his bees, it was such a pleasure dealing with him.
Service was excellent!

Heirloom Wild Bee Home – Scopa

I stumbled upon these on FB and quickly ordered two of these for my cottage in Lanark. The turnaround was quick and Ryan kept me out of date. They are SO well constructed and worth every penny.

I ordered them unfinished so that the kids could paint them and have them as their own little environmental project.

The booklet enclosed was very informative as well.

Really happy with them! These will probably become a treasured family “artifact”, much like our bat house has become.

Kudos to Scopa!

Imago Wild Bee Home
Michelle C.
Heirloom Wild Bee Home – Scopa

Ryan went above and beyond to make sure that the bee home will last for generations, which is something you don't often see nowadays. I have received a perfect little bee home for my balcony along with enough information to help me set it up (best location, orientation, etc). Setting up the bee home was as easy as it could get. I've got some wild flowers and now waiting for the little solitary bees to come and decide to settle down. Really looking forward to the summer and many summers to come!